David A. Vogel  David A. Vogel

David Vogel’s Calling Us Home II is not only good to listen to but great to watch with it’s video enhancement. Vogel has been in the music business for over 36 years and has made a name for himself. He recently was seen on EWTN’s “Backstage” program, proving what a gifted singer, songwriter and recording artist of Christian music he is. You may have seen or heard him during World Youth Day in Toronto singing his song, “Returning Home,” which is included on this CD. This CD won the Catholic Unity Award last year for Best Rock/ Modern Rock Album of the Year. The song “Returning Home” won for best rock song of the year. The fact is, many of the songs on “Calling Us Home II” have won some award or recognition. In 2001 Vogel was a finalist for Devotional Song of the Year, with the song, “Within,” a beautiful ballad that let’s us know that Christ is in us to show us the way in our times of trouble. The song “I’ll Meet You There,” was also nominated for Rock Song of the Year. It reminds that there is a place waiting for us after this life. The guitar work on this song is awesome. In 2000, Vogel was nominated for Country Song of the Year with “Reflection of His Love.” It’s a love song to mom and dad, thanking them for all their love and devotion.

Besides all his dedication to music, Vogel is also very passionate about working for the Pro-Life cause. “Cry Of The Child” reflects his special concern for the unborn. Vogel’s guitar playing shines on this track and at times sounds like Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn. The message that we must save the unborn child is strong. This is the message that echoes in the video footage on the CD. Interviews with Blessed Mother Teresa and John Cardinal O’Conner are just the start of this pro-life section. We are also treated with a glimpse into an Expectant Mother Care facility. My favorite part are the scenes from the March for Life in Washington, DC, where Vogel sings the song “Cry Of The Child.”

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