Margo B. Smith  Margo B. Smith

On Sundays, when Margo’s father wasn’t in the choir loft conducting, he’d sit downstairs with the family. Those seated nearby would hear lovely three-part harmony coming from Margo’s family. The gift of music was generously shared and passed along to her from the very beginning.

Margo began to play piano at the age of 6. In her teenage years, while teaching herself guitar, she wrote songs and was invited to share them at school and other events. As Margo’s faith grew, she began to write songs about the Lord to share with others about His goodness and love.

While attending Towson University, Margo studied voice and also received a degree in elementary education. Margo is described as having a comforting and gentle voice that conveys a connection with the Lord that is genuine.

For years she taught piano, sang, and played keyboard in the contemporary group at Prince of Peace Church. She wrote music for Baptisms, Confirmations, anniversaries, and Holy Communion.

Margo prayed for the opportunity to sing and play keyboard in a contemporary Christian band as a music ministry to others. Another talented singer/songwriter, Bernie Antkowiak, prayed at the same time for a keyboard player for his Christian band. Within a few months, Margo and Bernie’s paths crossed, and their prayers were answered. Their band, Pure Heart for Him, shared God’s message as they played for such venues as Christian coffee houses, prayer breakfasts, River Valley Ranch, Pro-Life events, fundraisers, healing services, Marriage Encounter events, and Reconciliation services. Pure Heart for Him recorded the uplifting CD entitled CARRY ON which contains some of the songs they shared during their ministry.

In 2006, Margo released the CD entitled BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME, which includes the talents of a variety of instrumentalists and vocalists. The songs were borne of a desire to share God’s beautiful and personal love for each of us and to spread the Good News about Jesus and His teachings.

Margo’s latest CD is SENDING UP A PRAYER. All of the songs on the CD are written and sung by Margo. There are soothing and upbeat styles. This inspirational CD is filled with song prayers of praise and thanksgiving and topics that include God’s will, compassion and trust. Also, included is the song “Precious Unborn Child” which celebrates the beautiful gift of life of the baby in the womb.

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