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 Luminate is a band from Tyler, TX that was formed in the fall of 2005 by two students attending Visible School of Music in Memphis, TN. They officially launched their full-time musical career with their self-titled EP and an extensive Midwest tour including festivals, high schools, camps, all-age venues and churches. Their second CD release, “Bright and Beautiful” (2007) brought a new and fresh outlook on their ministry and drive. In June 2008 the band put out their third independent release “Miracle”. It speaks of the urgency of rising up against the mediocrity of today’s view of the Christian walk and lifestyle. The record stresses that our time to act is now. It’s Our Time to embrace hope, destiny and a revolutionary relationship with our Creator.

Best described as passionate, stirring and worshipful, LUMINATE’s musical core is formed around an ambient rock sound. Their songs challenge us to rise above the apathy in today’s society, and to pursue our dreams with purpose, while reminding us our lives and what we do has worth.

Singer/lyricist/rhythm guitarist, Sam Hancock, writes poignant and meaningful lyrics with anthemic choruses that usher crowds into a corporate experience with God. Lead guitarist, Cody Clark, complements the melodies with reverb and delay-laden guitar riffs, while keyboardist/background vocalist, Dustin DeLong, adds ambient warm touches. Mix in the rhythmic bass lines of bassist, Dusty Jakubik, and the power of drummer, Aaron Mathew, and a song of vision, faith and thirst for God is sung.

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