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Valerie Von Fange was raised in California, but was born and now lives in Virginia. One of eight kids from parents married over 50 years, she feels blessed to be part of a close family rooted in the Catholic faith.

Valerie’s musical start was in community and church choirs during her elementary years. At age twelve, her formal development began with classical piano. She attributes her passion for the instrument to her parents who never forced her to take lessons and being able to practice in a non-disruptive setting (ie: the garage converted into a play room). She anxiously advanced to Bach and Beethoven until it was time to leave for college.

In 1983, Valerie earned a Business Degree from Pepperdine University, a choice that would later give her nice job mobility. Her first career move was in restaurant management. At that time, she continued her music, leading church choirs and providing piano accompaniment. In 1984, she landed her first job in high-tech. During her off hours, she could be found playing in church services, dances, concerts, retirement homes and dabbling in song-writing. She climbed the high-tech ladder from network operations to sales support to corporate training to sales engineering to marketing and then decided there had to be something more…

And so in 1999, after fifteen years of working in high-tech, Valerie was ready for a switch. Her next destination– Northern Virginia, a full circle from where her life began. Her desire to transfer knowledge moved her into high-school teaching, then music, geometry, history and religious education. In 2004, she began working for her husband’s company, Antique Tables Made Daily, Inc.

In 2005, Valerie released her first original CD, Steadfast Love, which she recorded and co-produced with Parlor Productions in Nashville. Subsequently,Psalm 123 from the Steadfast Love CD was selected for the Catholic Music 2008 CD, featuring 34 Catholic artists across the U.S. and produced by Spirit Wing Records. In 2008, the following Steadfast Love songs made the Top Ten Catholic Song picks receiving media exposure:

  • Psalm 123 - Adoration Song List : #9
  • A Hymn to Him – Easter/Alleluia Song List : #7
  • When Smiles Fill My Eyes - Wedding Song List : #10
  • The Grace Within - All Saints Song List : #2

About the same time CM2008 was released, Valerie was selected as a featured artist for Christmas in the Shenandoah, a compilation of Yuletide hymns performed by Northern Virginia musicians and produced by National Media Services. In 2010, Valerie released her second original CD, Witness, which she recorded and co-produced with Parlor Productions in Nashville.

Today, besides co-managing Antique Tables Made Daily and teaching music and religious education, Valerie makes time to perform in festivals, retirement homes, restaurants, wineries, conferences and concerts. She has been a featured musician/songwriter in the Arlington Catholic Herald, National Catholic Register, Faith & Family Magazine, Grapevine Magazine, CM/247 Radio, Catholic Music Express Radio, EWTN Backstage Television and Virginia Living Television.

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