Last Day

Last Day is 4 young Christain guys striving to change lives and make a difference with fresh, passionate, Spirit led rock.

Last Day’s goal is to get everyone, especially young people, involved in worshiping and praising God through music in order to experience God in a whole new way. The band also wants to be a positive role model for other young musicians so they will consider using their musical talents to glorify God instead of turning to secular music.

Last Day, formed in 2001, started out as their church’s youth-group band but has grown to performing for and exciting audiences across the country with an energized style that is designed to bring young people, and those young-at-heart, closer to God.

Since releasing their first album, “Astray,” in 2005 the group has been going non-stop. Their second album, “Happy Medium,” was released in 2006 and had critics saying, “This album cuts through the predictability of modern Christian music with an undoubtedly fresh rock sound and a coinciding spiritual tenderness that shows the young members’ yearning for something more than just great music.” Then came, “We’re Here,” delivering the traditional Last Day sound in a whole new way. Their most recent release “Upside Down” in 2010 is quickly becoming an LD classic and is featured on the Rocking Romans Compilation world wide release.

The present lineup in Last Day consists of Matt Jackson, who plays both acoustic and electric guitar and the band’s distinctive sound stems from his powerful lead vocals. Then there is our rockin’ bassist, Andy Hans. Tearing up the lead guitar is PJ Ehling. Last, but certainly not least, supplying the driving beat of the band, is our drummer, John Hughes.

Last Day is not about putting on a concert or show; their mission is to write and perform music that helps lift the listener’s heart, mind and soul to God. Wherever possible, they display their lyrics so people can worship right along with them. Their performances are a mix of original songs that touch and challenge the audience to take a step back and look at their lives from a different perspective, and favorite cover songs with which everyone can sing along.

The band as a whole is committed to doing more through their ministry than just playing a show. They always offer themselves after shows to interact with people whether it is to pray with them or just to talk to them. They make an effort to make themselves available as friends or mentors to youth through My Space, Facebook, Twitter, and allowing easy access to their contact information. Beyond being committed to playing quality Christian music, Last Day is committed to leading youth to Jesus both on and off the stage.