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Donna Cori Gibson, has been sharing her music via Golden Arrow Catholic Music and Media in Catholic churches and prayer groups, on TV and is a repeating guest at many conferences and events from coast to coast. She can be heard in interview and song on Catholic radio stations across the nation and worldwide on Mother Angelica’s EWTN Global Catholic Network, and sister short-wave station WEWN

Donna is featured in numerous television programs,including EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” and “Backstage”, and Familyland Network’s “MariaAl & Dom’s Inn”, “His Love”, a Divine Mercy segment and concert program.

“God does give us our heart’s desire, just not in the way we often believe it to be nor at the time we think it should materialize.” Donna Cori Gibson is doing exactly what she wanted to do since the time she was in grade school, but she never imagined it would be like this. She uncovers Catholic treasures hidden in the prayers of the saints, as well as important passages from Scripture, and puts them to music. It is a unique gift which is only enhanced by the power and beauty of her voice.

After years of working in New York as a professional, singer, songwriter, and studio musician, she has moved to the beauty of Washington state where she lives with her husband Matthew and homeschools their four children, Marie, Christopher, Grace, and Elijah. A lay Carmelite since 1999, Donna’s music is focused on prayer and explaining the truths of the Catholic Church with Scripture. Songs include word for word prayers from the Bible (as singing makes for easy memorization) and well known prayers of the Church. Setting prayers to music is Donna’s way of helping brothers and sisters in the Lord to “Pray to the Spirit on all occasions with all kind of prayers and requests” (Phil 6:18).

Hear a recent interview of Donna on Immaculate Heart Radio’s “Why I’m Catholic” with host Elizabeth Campisi.

Here are some testimonials in addition to the ones on the home page:

” [Her music has made me] feel as if my heart and soul have been awakened to a new joy and passion for God”
Michelle C.
Her voice, words, and background music are beautiful! So uplifting, her deep, sincere faith and love comes from the heart” D. Peterson
“Absolutely fabulous!! I just wanted to tell you how much your music has blessed me and other people who I work with. You are truly gifted from our Lord. Thank you!” Christine, Burlington, WA

Donna’s story begins in New York City where she was born, and then raised in Miami where she started studying music and performance at a young age. At age 9 in the school chorus, she was given many solos and with the group recorded an album. From 10-14 she was a member of the Miami Choral Society, learning music theory, and singing many styles of choral pieces. From here she was selected to appear at 13 in her first Opera, Tosca, which also happened to star Pavarotti. From 15 to 17 she attended the Miami Performing and Visual Arts Center (PAVAC) focusing on musical theater. At 16 she joined a punk rock band and recorded an another album. While attending the University of Miami, studying jazz vocal, opera, engineering and business, she worked as an on-call studio vocalist, lending vocals on other’s albums, jingles, and even cartoons. She had her own band for a while and recorded her own songs, which were later published by a NY publishing house. While singing in a club in Coral Gables, she was “discovered” by an A&R representive for Arista records. He signed her to a recoding deal which eased her transition to the big city of NY. She didn’t find the songs she was asked to sing of very good quality and so she was allowed out of her contract. After that, singing every kind of venue and style was how she made a living – bands, clubs, studios, sessions, jingles, singer/songwriter and composer of jingles for major companies, and at one point, even received major financial backing to record her own songs with one of New York’s largest studios, while working toward a major label recording contract.

Through the grace of God, Donna realized that the music she was recording and, in fact, most music heard in the world, only serves to distract us from the true goal, which is to “love God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and all your stregnth.” These songs get us occupied with worldly thoughts, amusements, and feelings which are deterants to the growth of the spiritual life, which is all that matters. She also figured, why sing love songs that are so idealistic that they can only find fulfillment in Jesus? Why not just sing about Jesus Christ?! Not desiring to be the lukewarm that Jesus will “spit out of His mouth,” she decided to sing for Him alone. “All is vanity.” (Eccl.) Only what is done for Christ will last.

After realizing the emptiness of her “dream,” she no longer desired fame and fortune. She sought only God, His ordaining Will, spending much time in prayer, studying His word, reading only spiritual books, and praying for direction. This led her to take a pilgrimage to Israel, where, on the last day, she met her husband who was traveling from Seattle. They married in 1994, which brought a welcome break from the music “scene.” Donna had no desire to ever sing again — “professionally.”

Still having a great desire for prayer, Donna was encouraged to record some music by her husband, Matthew. Her first recording, Prayers from Heaven and to Heaven, was the natural result of the endeavor. Golden Arrow Catholic Music and Media, Donna’s production company, is dedicated to setting prayers to music with the idea that “when we sing, we pray twice” (St. Augustine). If you are going to have a song “stuck” in your head, let it be a prayer that will effect all eternity instead of some trite pop ditty from the radio that doesn’t really have much meaning anyway.

Donna has taken prayers word for word from the Bible, popular devotions of the Faith and prayers of the Saints and put them to music (singing also makes for easier memorization). Prayer of reparation (praise) and for unity of Christians is the main focus of the ministry. If it was Jesus’ prayer “that they all be one” (John 7), how much more should we pray in union with Christ for His very own intentions and desires of His heart. Hence, the song and title track of Donna’s second album, That We May Be One, word for word in the first person tense from John 17:24-26. She now has 8 albums, with the last one, The Way of the Cross, having gigantic production and live orchestra, being entirely paid for by her fans. So much for the big city record company she always thought she needed. All glory to God!

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