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If you stop for a minute to talk with contemporary performing artist, SHARMANE, you will find very quickly that you are drawn to her abundant energy and infectious spirit. Her love for life, and her faith, is both contagious and welcoming. SHARMANE (Adams) grew up as a child who traveled the globe. She was exposed to numerous cultures and openly admits that she was blessed with many of the material privileges that only some can imagine. But, as she grew into her adult life and was confronted with numerous challenges, she felt a yearning to grow deeper and more spiritual in her life journey. Although she was rooted in a Catholic upbringing, it wasn’t until she attended a parish mission that she truly converted from being Catholic to being CATHOLIC-living her life on-fire for her faith! As SHARMANE embraced this new direction for her life she also quickly realized that music and ministry would be a significant aspect of this conversion experience. Although she had been singing her entire life, (from performing in pageants to serving as a cantor at her local parish) the renewal of her faith took her music and songwriting in a whole new direction.

In 2002, SHARMANE released her debut album titled, PRAYERFUL HEARTS. This CD was not your typical contemporary Christian recording project that many artists create as their first-ever CD. After making long distance move with her family, battled a life threatening illness, and started a new business venture with her husband did she release her sophomore CD, self-titled SHARMANE.

SHARMANE (the CD) was inspired by the notion of simplifying life through prayer and song. As a wife and mother, SHARMANE understands how life can become so busy that we lose touch with our own inner peace. This CD captures that essence and gently brings the listener back to a place of solemnity and calm. The lyrics are uplifting and stylistically the music is diverse, but the constant theme throughout is about settling down and absorbing a sense of peace and grace.

In 2007 SHARMANE recorded her single titled I SURRENDER. The song was actually written for a friend whose son was battling a very serious illness. SHARMANE says she was praying on ways she could help her friend through this difficult time and that God brought her the song and told her one of the best ways to bring comfort to her friend was through music. I SURRENDER was released to radio through Christian Radio & Retail Weekly. Radio embraced the song and it appeared in the Top 10 on the I-Chart for over 10 weeks! In addition to the single release, SHARMANE created an Impact Project to tie in with the song. Proceeds from every download would be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in an effort to raise monies for children’s cancer research.

The music of SHARMANE has inspired listeners worldwide with thanks to radio. She has been featured in several magazines and newspapers and has been interviewed for various websites and podcasts.

In 2008-SHARMANE recognized a void in the youth market and created an outstanding interactive workshop for High School teens titled FIND ME, CLEANSE ME, TAKE ME THERE which focuses on the heart of who you really are and where God desires you to be. An offshoot of that program called STUCK IN THE MIDDLE was later created to address the same topic but appropriately created for Middle School students. Today SHARMANE presents these workshops at school assemblies, youth conferences, and rallies throughout the United States.

Through her experience with these youth programs SHARMANE started taking on a new writing direction for her music. In 2009, she released her third CD project titled LEAP OF FAITH. This pop/ac project is gaining attention from industry professionals as it features collaborations with several Nashville songwriters. When asked about the upcoming CD, Sharmane had this to say: Despite challenges and obstacles that may lie ahead, most of us start each day with great intentions. We are driven by our hopes and dreams, and find encouragement in taking steps forward in faith that will lead us to our destination. No doubt this is the ongoing theme throughout this new CD-its more than just taking baby steps though…it’s about taking a LEAP OF FAITH.

Today SHARMANE continues to travel as a music minister and as a spiritual champion for her faith. She performs and speaks at numerous church events and conferences which she caters according to her audience whether it is a youth event, a women’s retreat or a family-friendly church event. SHARMANE continues to present her youth workshops as described above, but is also actively presenting her 3 day program titled Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace and is passionate about encouraging interaction of the family and delivering the message that Faith is alive in your household. Through these opportunities SHARMANE hopes to open your heart to God and to help YOU to embrace a conversion of heart.

SHARMANE currently resides in Florida with her husband and two children.

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