Michael James Mette  Michael James Mette

Michael James Mette is a fresh new face with a bold, energetic style that speaks directly to a “Guitar Hero” generation. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, he travels the country, inspiring people to better know, love, and serve God. MJM’s background allows him to combine his gifts of speaking with music for a dynamic synergy that is seldom seen. Michael was featured on the 2011 NCYC theme song, “Called to Glory”. His diverse musical influences can be heard in his innovative take on Christian Rock. Michael combines an exceptional ability to be both a keynote speaker and a musician for retreats, conferences, and school presentations.

Michael struggled to fit in for many years. While attending the Catholic school in his small, rural hometown, he longed for more. This desire planted a seed for future spiritual growth. However even through his personal struggles, Michael saw a bigger problem in the modern Church… apathy.

MJM channeled his passion for Christ into his full time work as a Youth Minister. He applied the discipline that he learned in the Air Force, and quickly completed a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. But there was always a part of himself that was not being fully expressed. It became clear that God wanted Michael to focus more on music in ministry.

Using his gifts at school presentations, youth rallies, and conferences, Michael combines the power of music with the power of God’s message. MJM’s presentations are a convergence rooted in the traditions of the Church in a style that is appealing to modern teens. Michael’s concerts challenge people of all ages to be more alive in Christ.

He has been married for 12 years and has 5 children. Michael continues to place his gifts at the service of Jesus Christ and His Church, with the focus of bringing the Catechism to a Guitar Hero generation.

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