Sarah Bauer  Sarah Bauer

Sarah’s musical story started at a young age in her hometown of Carmel, Indiana, where her parents nurtured her and younger brother Ben. She was “discovered” as a fifth grader when she wowed crowds at a school talent show. Emerging from that experience, through the encouragement of teachers and lovingly supportive parents, Sarah’s passion for making music took wing. Her school years were filled with participation in choirs, youth ministry, and musical theater. By the time she graduated from Purdue University with a degree in English, Sarah had already decided to pursue a career in music and had released her first CD, Delighting in Dreams.
Through the success of the album, Sarah discovered in prayer that her specific calling in ministry is to challenge young people to dream big and to recognize the great plans that God has for their lives. She spent the next year developing this theme in her songwriting and collaborated with long-time friend Christopher Sansone for her follow-up album, Lead Me Home.The album received instant attention and praise, displaying the growth of this dynamic songwriter and vocalist. Sarah spent the following year promoting the new album on the road, including a performance at World Youth Day 2005 in Germany.

In early 2006, after writing and recording “All Access”, the theme to the Franciscan Youth Conferences, Sarah teamed up once again with Christopher to begin writing her third album, Radiance. As a precursor to the writing and production of Radiance, she immersed herself in another creative endeavor: the launch of a video magazine, In an introduction to the magazine, Sarah calls the project a “reality show” of sorts — an insider’s peek into her music ministry. Among the videos is a four-part series examining the four different vocations, with the end goal of writing a song. In each of the videos, Sarah spends the day with someone living out his or her unique walk in life. This experience led to the writing of the title track, “Radiance”. The album was completed in 2007 and has been hailed as her finest work to date.

Having traveled worldwide and performed to audiences of all ages, Sarah’s energy, her passion for her calling, and her drive to inspire others are all hallmarks of her ministry.

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