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John Angotti was raised in Clarksburg, West Virginia; a small community nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Third in a family of 4 adopted children (with an older brother and two sisters), John’s first ability to speak without stuttering was at the age of 4 when he sang the hymn “The Church’s One Foundation.” How appropriate for the mission God has planned for him thus far! An accomplished and superb pianist, John began studying piano at the age of seven. His mother, who has been a church musician for over 50 years, motivated him to become involved with church music at a very early age through the children’s choir at church. “I believe it was there at that age where I truly began to form my beliefs about God through the songs we were singing,” Angotti says. John has been writing Christian music since his mid-teen years at St. Joseph Seminary where he was considering entering the priesthood. “After I left the seminary, it never dawned on me that God perhaps wanted me to do something else for the church, perhaps more suited for the gifts God gave me,” he says jokingly. In 1995 John signed a distribution deal with World Library Publications (WLP) in Chicago, Illinois. There he met Father Jim Marchionda, OP, a Dominican preacher who was also a composer for WLP. Father Jim invited John to be the accompanist for him at some Christian workshops at the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference. He also let John be involved in the workshops, explaining how to combine old, traditional hymns with new stylistic rhythms and give new spirit to what could be considered a “boring” hymn to a young generation. At that moment, Angotti began to see the plan unfolding..

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