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It’s actually all about God …  (God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit).  Without God I am nothing. With God I can do all things – even if I don’t think I can. Music ministry is one of those things that I will always question, “is this where I am supposed to be?”, “is this what God is asking me to do?” Everyday I wonder and everyday I pray. The desire is in my heart and has been there for as long as music has been part of my life. So maybe it is where I should be. My journey is made with a big “blind faith” jump into the sea. I hold out my hands for Jesus and expect to be caught up and carried on. I look forward to the ride – I just hope we have enough fuel…


Born and raised, Catholic, which I remain.  A boy from St. Anthony’s in Chadwicks, NY, I do not have the rags to riches or falling into despair story to tell. My story is one of blessings and normal life struggles.  From the blessings of a wonderful family (five kids and two amazing parents), to the love of my life and beautiful babies (5 kids… so far – 4 breathing air, 1 on the way), God has blessed me in innumerable ways. Of course, we have seen our share of difficulties. Probably the most difficult was the illness and death of my mother. After years of struggles with cancer, Mom conquered the disease at home with all of us around. My mom decided long ago that music would be a major part of my life – “strongly encouraged” trumpet practices and lessons with great teachers, involvement in high school choir, volunteering me to direct the church choir upon graduation from college. I appreciate all the “encouraging and volunteering” she did and the support she gave me as I grew in music. I believe this ministry is a direct result of her foresight and desire to serve God. Since my mother’s death, I have sung at a variety of events including special liturgies, weddings and funerals. Of these, funerals seem to be my favorite times to sing. Weddings are celebrated for those called to be married. Funerals are celebrated for everyone. It is this common experience that is so amazing. I can’t tell you how many people will cry when they hear me or our choir sing “the song that was sung at my father’s funeral.” God’s gift of music touches everyone’s heart in this way. Remembrance and hope. Love and eternal joy. I thank God that I can be part of this experience.


Most sixteen years olds fall in and out of love and several years later meet and marry their soul mate. Well, I needed a date to the prom and six years later I needed a date to my wedding.  I shared both events with my love, my best friend, my Jenny. Our sacrament began on August 5, 1995 – hence the Eight/Five Music. We began our dance and song together and keep adding verses and choruses to this epic each day and each year. Every morning we choose to love each other. Every evening as we turn in, I pray I can spend another day with the one God created just for me. My view of love, marriage and fidelity have been shaped by my parents through their example – in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health… Their love showed through everyday and I thank God for this.



As our love grew, we needed to share it with someone, so in 1999, Emma joined us (we wonder if Mom helped pick her out). In 2001 Maggie joined her sister (again, Mom?), brightening our days and nights with smiles, kisses and hugs. Of course, nothing can stop God’s abundant blessings, Brigid joined the clan in 2005, full of life and trouble – what a daredevil!.  In November 2006, little Seamus (#4) “the calm” began breathing our air and watching the sunsets with us.  And now, another little miracle has joined the ranks.  Little Eoin (pronounced Owen) began his happy days outside the wonderful place called mommy in late Spring 2008.  Without a doubt, these little miracles are proof positive of God’s love, intercession and promise. I see in their eyes the promise of a new day, everyday. I hope they like to sing because someday I’ll need some harmony singers – maybe I’ll be doing most of the harmony by then, they can sing lead…


A small parish community just outside of Utica, St. Anthony’s is where I grew up and got to be with my God each Sunday and usually several times a week (7am Mass and Tuesday Novenas – because the Clive boys can always serve, at least according to my mom). Of course, He was always with me, but those special days with the entire community were wonderful – especially when people sing. Most people know the old adage that Catholics don’t do singing. Well, sometimes that’s true and other times you can’t keep them quiet! Since 1994, I’ve had the pleasure of helping our parish family to celebrate God’s love for us through the Sacraments. Selecting those songs that get the most response from our congregation has been a struggle, but with the blessings of a wonderful priest, accompanist and choir, it has been a happy struggle. Holy Week is always the greatest time of year, since that is when people sing because they can’t help but sing. Wonderful mysteries expressed in wonderful ways during those liturgies. I look forward each year to that stressful yet rejuvenating time. Thank you God for this parish family. Thank you for giving us the music to worship you.

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