Jackie François  Jackie François

In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul talks about the unity between our bodies and our souls. Our souls are not spirits that bring life to a machine, our body. These frames of flesh and bones are not mere housing for our true self. These bodies that we have are intertwined with our souls to make one, united being that has heaven as our destiny.

In this chapter, Paul is urging the Christians in Corinth to guard their behavior and to not perform acts of immorality with their bodies because they are temples of the Holy Spirit. The church in Corinth was a very small community and they lived in a town where immorality was the norm. It was very difficult to live as Christian there.

Pope St. Leo the Great urged the 5th century Christians to “remember their dignity”. Our dignity is not to be given away. Instead, we hold on to our dignity when recognize that our sexuality, our language, our thoughts, our emotions ….our entire experience as humans, are all oriented toward God’s purpose. The song, “For So Long”, speaks about the lies we hear and the truth we must hold on to.

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