Seven Sorrows

Seven Sorrows is a  band unashamed to proclaim the truth of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. We are proud to be conservative, bound to the Holy Father, faithful to the Magisterium, consecrated to the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary, and we are not afraid to speak against that which goes against Catholic beliefs, such as abortion, contraception, pornography, premarital sex, immodest dress, drunkenness, etc.
God blesses us all with gifts and it is our duty to use those gifts to glorify His Church. Each day we must “strive towards sainthood” (Pope Benedict XVI, 2007) and focus on a more virtuous life following the Cardinal virtues and the virtues they teach us (ex. chastity, humility)
We strive to spread devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows and her most sorrowful heart.

We have chosen to offer our gift of music back to God and offer all of our songs for free. To focus on creating and recording music, we do not play any shows.

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