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News At Eleven was founded in Los Angeles, CA by a group of students and alumni who performed together as the contemporary choir for the University of Southern California Catholic Center’s 11 AM Mass. Each week, the group led the community with upbeat original songs and unique arrangements of contemporary Catholic standards.

When the group decided to record its first album in early 1999, the members weren’t sure what to call themselves, but one thing was clear: “The University of Southern California Catholic Center 11 AM Contemporary Choir” wasn’t going to cut it. The name doesn’t have much of a ring to it, and in any event, it would never fit on a CD label. Instead, the group sought a name that was a subtle reference to both their music and their roots at the USC Catholic Center. In the end, the members chose News At Eleven because of their message—the “Good News” of Jesus Christ—and their ministry at the 11 o’clock Mass.

In 2000, the band released their first album, “Have You Not Heard?”, a collection of 17 songs made up of the group’s favorite songs from Sunday Mass together with a handful of original songs.

By 2003, all the members of News At Eleven had graduated from USC, and several members of the group joined new parishes or moved away from the Los Angeles area altogether. Despite their geographic separation, News At Eleven was (and is) a group of friends, so it was only natural that they would remain committed to making music together. Now focused on recording rather than live performance, in 2005 the group released their sophomore effort, “Here Till The End.” The band’s second album builds on the group’s signature sound — its tight vocal blend and harmonies — but raises the bar, too, with a new emphasis on lead vocals and a lineup of 13 all-original songs written by members of the group.

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