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Katholicus (pronounced Ka-THO-li-cus) provides a high-energy guitar dominated Christian power rock sound of both rock-praise music and music to edify and motivate. The music features a commercially oriented sound, straight-forward Christian lyrics, catchy power-pop rock melodies, and excellent rock guitar work with lots of power chords and double leads.
“Katholicus” is the ancient Greek word for “universal.” This name was chosen to signify God’s universal love, and that His revealed Word/Truth is universal for all men to believe and obey. God has revealed that His Church is the “pillar and foundation of truth”(1 Tim.3:15) through which the “manifold wisdom of God is made known” (Eph.3:10), such as His holy Word; and that this One Church of Christ is to teach ALL nations what Christ taught (Matt.28:19-20), hence its catholic identity.

The style? Some call it melodic hard rock. Others may think our sound and style are similar to the big arena rock bands of the 80s. Others may think classic rock with progressive elements. In other words, lots of over-driven power guitar chords, exciting guitar solos and double leads, and catchy power-pop melodies.

-All done for the greater glory of God and the spreading of His kingdom on earth. Katholicus provides the musical energy to motivate you to live your faith with zeal.

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