Submit Music  to Sacred Heart Radio


Thank you for your interest in submitting music to Sacred Heart Radio. Each week  Sacred Heart Radio makes a decision on what new music to add to our playlists.

  • All music submitted to Sacred Heart Radio must be submitted by MP3’s .
  • Due to time constraints,  You must submit only one or two songs off of your project for consideration.
  • Sacred Heart Radio includes two radio stations to submit your music for air play.(Adult Contemporary / Traditional and Pop / Rock.
  • Sacred Heart Radio listens closely for production values of new songs submitted and those production values must be consistent with the songs currently being played on Sacred Heart Radio.
  • Does the song being submitted fit the current musical needs of Sacred Heart Radio (style, tempo, etc.)? This decision is made by the Sacred Heart Radio Program Director.
  • Does the song match the overall mission of Sacred Heart Radio? This decision is also made by the Sacred Heart Radio Program Director.
Please fill out form below and then send your music (128k or larger MP3) to
God Bless,
Sacred Heart Radio

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